About Freedom Works

Design-led details for for a perfect finishing touch


Freedom is a designer componentry studio. Blending form and function, we exist to enhance the access and enjoyment of award-winning built environments, without compromising on design vision. 

From interior inserts to exterior features, we specialise in considered details that add the finishing touch to industry-leading/inspired design projects. 

With 20 years’ expertise, a passion for design and an all-in approach to customer service, we pull out all the stops to drive the success of our clients’ projects. From sampling and customisation, to fabrication, install and aftercare, we’re committed at every step to deliver results that are accessible, durable and beautiful. 

The finishing touch

When it comes to design, that smallest details can make or break the success of the finished result. From small tactile dot to large planter, our products give the vital finishing touches to a project.

Form meets function

Our philosophy is a marriage of form and function: we blend our passion for design, with our care and expertise to create products that are accessible, durable and beautiful. It's the combination of these attributes that enable us to deliver solutions that are meaningful to our clients, and end users


True, trusted relationships are at the heart of our business. From our products and processes, to our everyday interactions, everything we do is centred around making it easier for our clients to achieve their goals.

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